Providing Scaffolding for Students When Blogging

When deciding to blog with your students, it’s important to determine the purpose of your blog and what blogging activities you would like your students involved in. Educators may use blogging for the following purposes:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 5.37.14 PM

I like to provide my students with a variety of blogging activities. We use our blog site as a group blogging site where we provide literature responses to novels we are reading, explain concepts mastered in class (mirror blog) and provide our opinions on current events/thoughts. We also will post some of our written work with poetry and add an audio component to our writing. I like providing a variety of activities so students are kept interested in blogging. If you need some ideas for blogging with your students, check out the website Write About (Write About, 2015).

Throughout the blogging process, students are supported through modeling on how to write a good blog post and how to respond with an appropriate comment. To assist students with commenting, they are provided with 3 different ways to respond:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.32.52 PM

At the moment, I am learning side by side with my students about good teaching practices that will assist with blogging activities. With the help of my students, I plan to develop additional resources that will support students with blogging and provide good modeling/scaffolding of expected outcomes.


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Zawilinski, L. (2009). HOT blogging: A framework for blogging to promote higher order thinking. Reading Teacher, 62(8), 650-661.


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