Elementary Webpage Evaluation Sheet

This past month, I have been working through activities and worksheets that address digital citizenship and the ITC outcomes mandated by Alberta Learning. One activity that went really well with my grade 3 students is the webpage evaluation sheet we completed. To conduct this activity you’ll need to select a few webpages that vary in accuracy and information. Once you have selected your webpages, start with the evaluation of a good or average webpage. This way students can see examples of good characteristics of a webpage. The example I used with my students is http://1st-ecofriendlyplanet.com/11/time-to-decompose-garbage/ . Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 3.31.02 PM

For our first evaluation we read through the categories together and discussed why we would put a check mark in the yes or no column. The two categories we analyzed were the format/style of the webpage (how it looks) and the content of the webpage (what we learned). After completing the two categories we answered the following questions:

What did you learn from this webpage?

Was this Website helpful (or unhelpful) in finding the information you were looking for? Please explain why…

Is there something you want to learn more about? (I wonder…)

Through this first activity we discovered that the webpage was helpful in learning about garbage decomposition. We thought it was informative and taught us something new. The facts were easy to read and well explained. Some of the questions the students asked were:

I wonder why we use glass bottles if they take 500 years to decompose?

How long would it take to decompose 70 bottles?

I wonder why we use glass bottles?

I wonder how long it takes to decompose paper, bubble wrap and cotton?

How many recyclables go into the garbage each year?

Attached is the evaluation sheet I adapted from Kathleen Schrock (http://kathyschrock.net).

Website Evaluation

If you have suggestions for other webpages to evaluate, please write your suggestion in the comment box.


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