We move our practice forward by sharing with others

“Those who want to make a difference in teaching practice, need to share their expertise with others. It is by working together that we become better educators”

– Chelsea

I am a firm believer that in order to improve education, teachers need to share their previous and gained knowledge with others. It can be self-fulfilling to improve one’s own practice, but we become better teachers by working together and sharing what we have learned. How can we make a difference? Start finding ways to share and learn with others. Twitter is a great micro blogging tool where educators can find like-minded educators and organizations to follow. Once you start following people of interest, you can read posted links to websites and blog pages as well as hear their thoughts on issues in education. You may also consider sharing your own thoughts about education. What are you passionate about at the moment? Do you think what you have learned or the way you are teaching will benefit other teachers? Will they find this information valuable? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and maybe start a blog of your own.

Others ways to share among colleagues is to partake in facilitation or presenting roles. The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and the Alberta’s Teacher’s Association (ATA) provide opportunities for educators to share. In fact, this year alone, I have been fortunate enough to present on mobile learning at the Calgary’s Teacher’s Convention; facilitate a discussion on blogging at edcampyyc (Calgary); and share my best practices on both mlearning & blogging at the Web 2.0 Symposium hosted by The CBE Innovation and Learning Commons. Even within our own PLCs, I have taken my colleagues through a “tech and learn” on newer mobile apps for grade 3. It is through these discussions that I have been able to motivate teachers to approach ideas they may never have considered before and brainstorm ways to integrate technology into their pedagogy.  What’s one way you would be willing to share with your staff or school board? I encourage you to take the first steps in talking about best practices in education.


Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.54.29 PM Twitter – http://www.twitter.com

Blog platforms (more personal styles) – http://www.wordpress.com; http://www.blogger.com

Edcamps (Facilitated Discussions on education) – #edcampyyc, #redcamp13, #connectedca


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