Selecting a Blog Type

You want to blog, but don’t know where to start? Everything is blog-able and blogging can be used in any subject area in different ways. Before going ahead to blog, it is important to determine the purpose of blogging. Do you want students to have more opportunities to collaborate and interact with each other? Do you want to showcase the brilliant work that is created in the classroom through writing, art or discovery? Here is a simplified table that I have created listing some of the types of blogging and what objectives/outcomes they can achieve:

Blog Type

Associated outcomes

Showcase (e-portfolio) –       Broader audience

–       Reflective thinking/metacognition

–       Personalization of learning

–       Integrates technology

Literature Response –       Critical & reflective thinking

–       Broader audience

–       Writing becomes social

–       Improved reading & writing skills

–       Personalization of learning

Mirror (explain concepts seen in class) –       Critical & reflective thinking

–       Metacognition

–       Interaction and collaboration with classmates

–       Improved reading & writing skills

Podcasting (audio blogging) –       Personalization

–       Writing becomes social

–       Improved oral language skills

–       Broader audience

Classroom News/Event News –       Integrates technology

–       Broader audience

Group blogging space (Mixed blogging types)

All of the above outcomes

Still don’t know what blog type to select? As an elementary generalist, my preferred blog type is the group blogging space where I used a mix of different blogging types. There are times when I will use the literature response, where I will ask students to give me their feedback/opinion on the book Charlotte’s Web. I have used the mirror blog when asking students to discuss a concept seen in social studies such as comparing and contrasting schools in Calgary and around the world. I like to allow the option for podcasting to make the blogs more interesting, but also to target students who prefer to talk instead of write. I have yet to use the blogging platform as an e-portfolio space, but am considering trying it out in the near future to see what can be done to share and celebrate their learning online.

There are many things to blog about with your students, the key is to find a blog type that meets both yours and your students needs.

Happy blogging! 🙂


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