Blogging Project – Day 2

I am so amazed at how well my students are doing with their blogging project. All students were on task today and wrote their first blog post. Here was the activity:

Share and describe one thing you are passionate about. This may be something from school (reading, writing, math) or a hobby/activity from home. Please write a minimum of 4 sentences.

Here is a sample post:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.31.16 PM






After the students wrote their post, they had a chance to respond to their peers. Some need a little more guidance in this area, but that was expected. Later on we will be looking at good comment responses versus bad comment responses. It will be interesting to see where we will go from here. I am going to try and let the students guide me a little for topic suggestions. I can’t forget to write out a website address for home access, as many have already started to ask for this. It will be hard to decide what the goal of this activity will become. If I want to improve communication in writing, I will leave topic choice open, if I want to connect to learning, I will keep the posts more educational oriented. Of course, I am leaning towards the latter, and I am hoping the students will agree!



What do you think?

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