My Grade 3 Blogging Project

I must admit, I was quite excited, yet nervous to try out my blogging project with my students. I wasn’t sure how they would react, whether I gave enough or too few details. If they thought this was just another writing project. I also had to discuss internet safety and guidelines as those are just as important as blogging itself.

To my surprise, they were very interested in the project. I started with an Internet safety video and we discussed who can access/post items online and how to act in a safe manner. We then looked at some sample blog posts. I must admit, my samples were okay, but the quality could have been much better. So if you have some great samples (even perhaps your own, send on the links). I then went over our blogging guidelines and expectations and then showed them our site I set up. By the end of the demo, I had many questions such as….What will we be writing about? Can we post on each other’s blogs? How can I access this at home? How do I access this at school? Can we add pictures of projects? Who is Ryan? (Our sample student for blog posts)…..

As you can tell they were quite excited! I look forward to receiving their input and working on blogging projects this year. I’ll keep you updated with the results. So far, it’s a go!!!


(Site being used is


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