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Blogging Project – Day 2

I am so amazed at how well my students are doing with their blogging project. All students were on task today and wrote their first blog post. Here was the activity:

Share and describe one thing you are passionate about. This may be something from school (reading, writing, math) or a hobby/activity from home. Please write a minimum of 4 sentences.

Here is a sample post:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 7.31.16 PM






After the students wrote their post, they had a chance to respond to their peers. Some need a little more guidance in this area, but that was expected. Later on we will be looking at good comment responses versus bad comment responses. It will be interesting to see where we will go from here. I am going to try and let the students guide me a little for topic suggestions. I can’t forget to write out a website address for home access, as many have already started to ask for this. It will be hard to decide what the goal of this activity will become. If I want to improve communication in writing, I will leave topic choice open, if I want to connect to learning, I will keep the posts more educational oriented. Of course, I am leaning towards the latter, and I am hoping the students will agree!



My Grade 3 Blogging Project

I must admit, I was quite excited, yet nervous to try out my blogging project with my students. I wasn’t sure how they would react, whether I gave enough or too few details. If they thought this was just another writing project. I also had to discuss internet safety and guidelines as those are just as important as blogging itself.

To my surprise, they were very interested in the project. I started with an Internet safety video and we discussed who can access/post items online and how to act in a safe manner. We then looked at some sample blog posts. I must admit, my samples were okay, but the quality could have been much better. So if you have some great samples (even perhaps your own, send on the links). I then went over our blogging guidelines and expectations and then showed them our site I set up. By the end of the demo, I had many questions such as….What will we be writing about? Can we post on each other’s blogs? How can I access this at home? How do I access this at school? Can we add pictures of projects? Who is Ryan? (Our sample student for blog posts)…..

As you can tell they were quite excited! I look forward to receiving their input and working on blogging projects this year. I’ll keep you updated with the results. So far, it’s a go!!!


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My Educational Journey in Ed Tech

Gone are the days when younger students need to be taught how to use Web 2.0 tools. In today’s classroom, students as young as age 7 or 8 already know how to access, create and edit a PowerPoint slide. They can find images on the Internet, use mobile apps and navigate websites. 9 years ago, I would have thought this was a possibility, but never a reality. My educational focus was on language acquisition and I didn’t give technology a second thought. As I reflect upon my learning and my growth as a teacher, I would like to thank my first mentor Dan Molton (my principal at the time) for encouraging me to take on technology as a TPGP goal. He was always technology innovative and a great personal motivator. He made you feel like you made a difference in other kids lives and he reaffirmed that the work you were doing was great. I would also like to thank Ted (our tech lead at the time) for approaching me to assist with tech lead in the school. He must have seen a hidden talent or passion that I did not see at the time, but see now. He showed me how to lead a tech committee and explained the different roles of an ed tech. If it weren’t for these two mentors in my life, I don’t think I’d be well versed and passionate in technology as I am now.

It blows my mind to see how much technology has changed my life and my students life in learning. No longer are the days you spend countless hours showing students how to find images on Kidpix, but you can now ask them to create an oral presentation where they can use PowerPoint to support their ideas and bring it in on USB. Students and teachers feel comfortable using different technologies and schools are better equipped supporting technology use. This has inspired me to pursue educational technology at the graduate level. To all of you, I thank you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mobile Learning (m-learning)


Mobile Learning is an emerging trend in education today. Please visit my group’s wiki site to learn more about m-learning in education. We have information for both elementary and secondary teachers.

I’d love to hear about your favourite app and how it can be used in the classroom. Feel free to add it in the comment section of my blog post.