Visual medias in distributed learning environments

“Taking the time to develop good visual media will enhance the quality of the learning experience” (Heinich et al., 2002, p. 134).

Heinich et al. (2002) make a very good point. Good visuals will increase the interest in learning and will also assist with comprehension. Visuals need to be detailed so the important concepts are covered, but not too detailed to confuse or frustrate the learner. Audio or video media should not be too lengthy or you may loose the student’s interest. If it is lengthy cut it down by asking students to watch certain parts of a movie or edit a self made podcast to shorten it.

Let’s look at some sample visual media that could be used to explain Bernoulli’s principle of flight in grade 6. Which of these visuals would you prefer?




I personally would prefer the third visual media. Not only does Dr. Carlson explain the principle using a demonstration, he showed how it applied to different materials and in different ways. I really got the understanding of how principle of lift works. I must also mention that the second visual is good too as it’s provides all the elements required to produce lift as well providing a concrete image for the visual learners. Unfortunately the first image falls a little short on explanation. It states the speed of the air above and below the wing, but neglects to explain why the air speeds are different and how that affects the air pressure on the wing.

Please answer my poll as I’m interested to see whether people agree or disagree with my choices.


Carlson (2007, October 22). Bernoulli Effect – Science Theater 17 [Video file]. Retreived from

Eric MacDonald (2011, March 9). Science and the Rationality of the Creator [Web log post]. Retreived from


What do you think?

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