Teacher readiness is key

In class the other day, Amber asked how to get staff on board with the idea of learning new technologies or attending technology workshops.  This was a very intriguing question of which I had some ideas to the answer, but it wasn’t until Dr Kowch answered the question that I realized that teacher readiness is really the key answer to this problem.

Rogers S curve (1995)

Rogers addresses this idea using an S curve (see graph). It starts with innovators/early adopters to technology and goes all the way to laggards. If you wait for teachers to become laggard, you will more than likely be unsuccessful at getting them to “buy-in” to the new pedagogy/tool.

To motivate staff and get them ready for change, they will need to share a value in the innovation, in our case the student outcomes (Dr. E. Kowch). They then need to be provided with skills and knowledge, as well as support with content and pedagogy.

I wonder what would motivate my staff…

Our school currently uses skill surveys and optional technology workshops to meet teacher needs. We have done short pd on tools relevant to our practice. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was motivated to learn about distributed learning by attending an e-pd course? How do we motivate busy, overworked teachers to take on this extra workload? My suggestion: explain the student outcomes associated with distributed learning and then incorporate course work into PLCs and PD days so they can complete assignments during their work hours.


Paul Stacey (2010). Foundation Funded OER vs. Tax Payer Funded OER – A Tale of Two Mandates. Retrieved from http://edtechfrontier.com/tag/hewlett-foundation/


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